We pride ourselves on excellent service, quick turnaround and value for money. All designs are based on the principle of design for manufacture (DFM).

We can work with you to develop a product brief to define your products requirements, considering aspects such as material selection, operational environment, product performance parameters, ergonomics, etc.

Once a product brief is generated we will ensure a a concurrent engineering approach to get from concept to manufacture.  

With expertise in 3D solid/surface modelling as well as varying forms of engineering analysis, the virtual and simulation process quickly turns concept to reality.

Various design tools and methodologies are adopted to optimise and de-risk the design such Design for Reliability, Design Value Ratio and Failure Mode & Effects Analysis.

Our design for manufacture experience ensures a smooth transition in to manufacture no matter what the chosen process, whether it be injection moulding, pressure die casting, CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, etc.